Interior Design Consultation

Book a free of charge consultation at our offices, so we can get to know your project better and be able to deliver an accurate quotation to you for the work ahead.

Technical Drawings & Mood Boards

We create 2D Plans so you and those working on your project can create the space you want in a more time & cost effective manner. Our mood boards will demonstrate the design concepts we are looking to achieve.

3D Renderings

Our very realistic 3D Visuals offer insight into the finished product, plus we offer a 360 rotation of entire rooms, so you can see your space from every angle.

Bespoke Furniture Pieces

Whether it’s a bookcase or a bar, we can custom design your piece and even have it made!

Shopping Lists

If you are unsure where to shop and want an accurate prediction of how much you are going to spend, we can create a specification sheet displaying every product you need, their price and supplier. That way all that is left is to make the orders!

Project Management & Turnkey

For those who simply do not have the time to lead the project, we can fill in those shoes and make sure that everything runs smoothly from A to Z. We also offer a turnkey service so you have all your contract work taken care of!


A home isn’t a home till it’s properly styled. For that finishing touch, we pick out items from different stores giving your space the attention it deserves.

Show Home Design

For those looking to rent or sell, we can make that step much quicker by giving your home that ‘magazine’ look. You choose the budget and we work around it!

Lillie Helena Design House offers a range of interior design services, custom made to suit every individual’s or company’s needs. Whether you’re after some design guidance or need a full on renovation, we can make it happen.

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